Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi

I'm a human being, no different than you. My primary ‘societal do’ is practicing emergency medicine. I dabble in attempts at out of the box thought invoking insights, curiosities & presence from experiences to incorporate a more complete, wholistic approach to health & life, that encourages and supports a return to the human qualities that make this experience of life so nourishing and nurturing.

What am I doing here?

I work with individuals and organizations, host retreats, appear on multiple podcasts & open dialogue mediums like Clubhouse, and I carry no pride from any of these. These are experiences that I was grateful to have experienced and been a part of, but they do not define the value of my essence. Nothing can or will. It’s already an internal knowing that I have within him, as do you, the reader, and all of us. It’s a question of seeing past all of the conditioning and barriers that prevent us from coming into contact with it.


Services Provided

Individual & Couple's Therapy
Discussions surrounding your sense of self, aspirations and challenges in partnership, with or without the presence of your partner.
Medical Counselling
Discuss the state of your health, including anything medical. My medical educational background combined with psychodynamic studies makes for a powerful opportunity to explore more facets of your life.
Male Embodiment
Vitality, intimacy, authenticity, permission, redefining of self will all be explored. Discussions that bring greater awareness to the challenges and burdens of men. Also, hosting monthly calls with my Menamorphosis project.
Personal Evaluation & Exploration
Discuss self-growth, where you can find greater depth and self-awareness.
Let’s collaborate.
Here, but in life, too.
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