In Survival; Remembering To Live

January 7, 2021

He may survive, though, his likelihood is low. 

I, we, the team, medicine, did the best they could with the resources available. The bleeding may be too severe for recuperation. To fall from that height onto one’s head, skull, brain, from 10 feet up, challenges the capacity and tolerance this body can take for the totality of experiences we put the body and all of it’s constituents through.  

A skull can crack, taking the brunt of the blow away from the organ that all being must possess, with functioning brainstem primitive functions, at least. I realize how well nestled it is between the cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum; just below. It’s there through evolutionary adaptation. Breath and much of the autonomic nervous system reside there. Until that area ceases to receive adequate oxygen, or pressure suffocates it and it’s drowned by trauma, air or blood. 

Ever adaptive. I look at the habits of this man. 140kg easily. 25% EF. What a toll we place on our human body. How many of us are entitled to living, rendering us to a mediocre sense of aliveness that is laughable, but compassionately understood for the why; deep, foundational unawareness. Or pain. And soothing. It’s deeply pervasive. It’s among the majority.

I appreciate the profound evolutive capacity of our brain, body, soul, to adapt with one another. All parts of the ego and the self acting through neural systems within the brain & body, protected in order to sustain us. We don’t owe anything to anyone, but f*ck if it isn’t our opportunity to nurture and learn and optimize our human life experience. 

Not comfort, not pacification, not stagnancy, not indifference, not diverted, not economically driven, not at the expense of others, not lacking awareness, not lacking appreciation. 

Let’s collaborate.
Here, but in life, too.
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