On Overcommitment & Disillusionment

When anyone is overcommitted or overly immersed in anything, they become illusioned.

Their perception of themselves, others, the World is skewed beyond balance. Biases are heavy, importance in things are disproportionally given and shifted to and away from. Experienced too long, the burden can even exhaust sense of feeling, capacity for it, the ability of perception, and its capacity for it. In short, a human can become less available to their life. This is either self-imposed or as a result of an ask, commitment, duty, or responsibility that has them become narrow in their spectrum of life experience. This pandemic has done that to many. To varying degrees. The illusionment is both a consequence of and an imposed experience due to global narratives that keep it alive since they are upheld by many other members who, them, too are experiencing it.

Disillusionment is where the resultant burdens on the system that commits and upheld the illusion ceases. This happens when the stressor is removed or an individual is taken out of the environment that maintains the feedback of the system that promotes or believes in the persistence of that illusion.

The psyche, body, autonomic nervous systems of many have taken the toll of this. There are no steps backward to reclaim anything through time, but we can, and we must put efforts daily, to arrive at space that minimizes the excess burden of this illusion, and if possible, creates moments, experiences, and environments where it may soften or cease. This is disillusionment. A reinstating of life, closer to how we would like to be, feel, experience it. These are found in the most obvious of places, too. There isn’t a magical recipe. The recipe is the magic. Be among family and/or nurturing friends, consider therapy, journaling, physical activity, connecting with loved ones, pausing, meditating, breathing, vibrating, immersing in nature, building, creating, artistically expressing, intentionally nourishing the body with nutritious meals and supplements, sleeping well, consciously engage with tech and potentially hijacking information streams, have your basic needs met, commit to a mission greater than yourself if possible.

Have these in order and already, much can shift.

We carry this responsibility for ourselves. I am sorry it isn’t another way right now for you and for many. I am sorry you do not and are not always guided, advised, or mandated to do things that respect your integrity or autonomy with this highest moral compass or sense of support by those governing for you. They are experiencing their own illusionment that requires vigorous disillusionment.

With love and in

support of you. End this particular illusion & reconnect with your life.

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