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Politics Is The Greatest Threat To Humanity & The Globe

Operating under the guise of politics, the current structure of politics will be the destruction of humans.

Like any tool, it can and is often misused by humans. We often utilize tools to bypass our nature’s shortcomings, especially when brought into contact with the evolution of civilization and society.

Override our nature, cope to tolerate.

Overburden our system, cope to tolerate.

Overdistraction of our attention, cope to tolerate.

Deprioritize humane, moral, integrity, community, self-understanding, movement virtues and embodiment.

Devalue pause, reflection, curiosity, communication, living within one’s means.

Disregard consequences of actions, value inherent in life, our relationship to finite resources.

Leverage humanistic mechanisms like tribalism, preference for guidance, fear of losing security, aversion to pain & energy wasting.

Overexert impact beyond natural forces, cope to tolerate both it and the capacity for others to do so.

The pressure of the excess or distance from what is natural and inherent within every living being is not sustainable. We have not found an equilibrium secure enough to address these with integrity, efficacy, one in which the profound value of life itself is the highest priority. Not just the preservation of being alive, but the depth that encompasses the spectrum of life itself.

Politics are one of these tools created by humans as an extension of governance to the community of living beings on a shared planet. The systems inherent within it do not experience the same frameworks of integrity since it does not adequately leverage the same mechanisms that are most efficient in bringing the great possible political human experience forward. The rejections of human nature that one had to utilize in order to reach the positions they have in the current framework of a variety of global political games, bring with it a continuity of that very rejection. They arrive at positions, again, in this current political (non-eco)system, where others who have played similar games, to arrive where they have.

Human nature, its integrity, its morality, its awareness, its consciousness, rejected & leveraged, in order to rise to a position where nature & humans are conditionally governed. The blind, the unaware, the unconscious, the unnatural; deciding. How does the table full of abundance in nutrients inherent to life look when those at the table do not see where they sit, wear a blindfold, untrusting of the person or persons they sit with and next to? Is the glass poured to be trusted?

Corroborators, accomplices, endorsers, executors, dictators, governors, senators, kings, presidents, executives, managers, team leaders, new age shamans.

Not all, but most.

They have individually seen what happens when someone no longer conforms to the rejected aspects of the integrity of human nature that were inherent in bringing them to where they are. That tribalistic part of us, choosing one side or the other. Us; them. Them; ostracized. And so, within each of these individuals, especially those playing the games of politics, that torch of opportunity for connection to the depths ion a sanctimonious human life is turned down so low, and in many extinguished, only rekindling the flame near death, or threat of health and life of a loved one, someone seen as associatively connected to them.

Once a human has lost touch with that very anchor to the foundations of what human life entails, the degree to which games are played in order to maintain the continuity of requirement for a tool of this nature, in this case, politics, will progressively forget its bounds further and further. Like the person who strives for success, arrives but does not realize. It is an illusory point that they strive towards, reinforced by poorly perceived rules that had them believe that they are playing the game of life, when in fact, they are subscribing to a game IN life that has the possibility to deter life itself.

The WHY is profoundly distorted in politics. Those who decide it are likely unaware of their WHY. If they were connected, there would be a monumental effort to corroboration, coexistence, life proliferation for all. Their conditional governance is not pure in its offering to the populous who depends on them. Many had to concede to their guidance and walk every moment of their lives experiencing the sense of disempowerment, helplessness, hopelessness, sense of threat, hurt, or traumatized as a result of pain inflicted on them or human akin.

Agreements made, conflicts instigated and averted, escalate over time. It reinforces the need for security without providing it. It fragments a human life, and the capacity to reconnect and immerse profoundly in it. This game has no winners.

This game is human nature against the nature of life itself. Overleveraging eventually capitulates, unable to progress, unable to persist, and it deteriorates. All the systems created to uphold the resistance of our inherent nature scream, of no use. Lobbyists who push for self-serving preferential governance no longer exert influence, or their demands are beyond what is available. The system further deteriorates. The weakest and most vulnerable suffer the greatest.

The humans who decide the fate of this world are largely at a distance from their capacity for conscious, aware, intentional association to the very decisions that they make, with poor insight or consideration of future impact; The demise of humanity becomes possible. Our history demonstrates the demise of many who had the birthright opportunity to experience life ended short of when nature decreed their end dates as a result of another human who was not in contact with the profound depth of life. Of being.

The World that sees yearns, even begs, screaming until they wretch their own blood for a reorientation of this. One where leaders are those who have experienced and gone through rites of passage that did not fragment them from being connected to the substance inherent in life, of themselves and others.

Earth needs this. We need this. These humans have powers, capabilities, and reach that can profoundly hurt, damage, and destroy one another, the capacity for life to sustain on this planet and continue being capable of sustaining the current cohort of living species, including our own.

The criterias for rulership benefit from a profound reevaluation and all of those who are involved in it must bear consideration for that reorientation, especially since they are the ones who are least likely to see this to be the case.

When one is entrenched in the compulsion to this game, one does not see or experience their lack of commitment to reality. The World, and everyone in it, all-cause sufferance, increases as a result.

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