See Yourself Progressively & More Efficiently

February 21, 2019

Silence, being still, reflective journaling, intentional conversations with ourselves are among some of the diverse modalities for us to build rapport with our own minds. The greater the time intentionally spent, especially without outcome expectation, the better we get at decorticating patterns within ourselves, and reinstalling or creating new associative memory banks that hash or rehash awareness of life from there. Dedicating ourselves to this can progressively unravel preconditionings, societal, cultural, religious, familial, and lead to generational improvements and pattern routing. A more playful, less rigid life can ensue. When we remain unaware, we are likely to project the unresolved aspect of ourselves into our views and perception of the world and ultimately, our life experience.

Erick Godsey from spoke in a workshop in May 2020 about our inner Daimons. Among the deep wisdom of this intelligent, heart-coherent explorer of the mind shared by him, he explained that this Daimon within you is aware of what you should be doing; it evolves with you. It is both a deep seeded and deep seated part of you. It is an animal that you inherit, grows with how you feed it with true depth and data in the form of life experiences, reflections, curiosities, serendipities and courage. An internal knowing can be sensed, and can also emerge. Short term, unprocessed, unfiltered data, leaves us rummaging for a sense of self, whereas intentional, progressively more effective contemplation and integration results in a clearer, more embodied you. Again, your Daimon is aware of what you should be doing. When that part of you is activated, the totality of who you are is invited to be redefined.

What ever your path is, here, I’ll remind you to make the effort to be rooted in acknowledging your own unique dance, knowing that there is no right or wrong. Awareness to the opportunity of life and the dance that we engage in brings more play, insight, permission, knowledge & alignment. In choosing awareness, there is a fundamental shift that occurs in your life. When previously resistance were to arise, suffering in unawareness left us susceptible to the external experience of life to dictate how we feel, how we acted and how we thought, we weren't yet looking and seeing our life, just reacting to it. However, either by coincidence or intentionally, a moment occurred where you do begin to see, and there, it brings greater awareness. We see the sufferance and still experience it, but differently from when we were suffering while unaware. It serve as a primer for greater trust and evolutive unfolding of ourselves. Utilizing awareness invites greater sense of balance, and a greater ability to sense when we are fluctuating in balance and out of balance. Greater sense of balance, better opportunities for flow.  

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