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The Opportunity Of Life Inherent In Every Homosapian & What Aspect Of Ourselves Is In the Way

This Earth has always had challenges with its inhabitants getting along.

They occasionally cooperate, sometimes collude, often compete. The thing that benefits themselves is what they tended towards. The fragility of this perpetual state of self-serving preference has been the crux as well as the foundation of the living existence of all things here.

At the top, has emerged humans; Homosapiens. They were not even the first. We outcompeted, likely ravaged, ostracized communities and resources, leaving all prior less ‘evolutionarily effective’ human-likes to reduce to extinction. Or maybe it was nature itself and the theories we have now lead us to believe that it was as a result of dominance, aggregate evolutionary effects that brought us to where we are, and in consideration of our human nature, this is our best conclusion.

Even with this incredible homosapianic success, we have persistently large discrepancies in our ability ‘to Homosapien’. The act of it. The behaviour in it. The opportunity in it. We have, in the past and today continue to exert tremendous strains on ourselves, one another and this earth in order to uphold the best and the worst of the offerings inherent in being a Homosapien.

The distances that exist among one born at this moment from his or her fellow human elsewhere can be large. Pathophysiology aside, they can be born to wealth, lack of, sanitary conditions, or lack of, highly engaging and present biparental caregivers in a nurturing community with all resources available, or lack of, educational & occupational opportunities awaiting, or lack of, a life with basic needs met, or lack of.

The subtle differentiators make every individual homosapianic experience unique. Yet, silly us, we standardize and homogenize the relative passage that many take through life, at the expense of some of the most promising, supportive and inviting avenues of support for themselves and one another to have an immersive life experience.

The human tendency, interestingly, is one to have the pains that were experienced or told to be aware of prior, presented to them over and over again, almost like a tool for saving themselves from fears, concerns & perceptions surrounding it. They will have a tendency towards recreating it, projecting it, transferring it, and when they get close to it again, they may magnify, minimize, catastrophize, ignore or attack in ways to not succumb to it. They will interestingly have a tendency to spill their associated pains that remain unresolved, not knowing any better, since, homosapianic fear entails losing what is known. If they only know this pain or that thing to be concerned about or fearing, their entire life will be illusory in favour of the recreation of that; and as such, humans are all living in their own individual Worlds of these on a shared planet Earth.

When greater power is achieved, taken or given, living species will capitalize on that very thing. The perpetuation of a World that is recreated to support the persistence of what is known or believed to be known, the simultaneous protective mechanisms closely available, and an unconscious desire to be saved from that very thing that is feared most. In this World, seeking recognition defines and simultaneous salvation, the player will find similar players of the similar Worlds, which reaffirms their own, and will also seek to create points of reference within it. Having an antagonist somewhere reminds them of where they are as the protagonist in this world. The corroborators understand them, and anyone who potentially infringes upon that, is to be protectively mindful of, and eliminated should their presence inflict damnation of the player’s World.

Any tool is available here. If there are corroborators who demonstrate or invite promise of maintenance, safe passage or experiential proliferation of the World of the individual and theirs, they are likely to collaborate. They may thrive for some time. Others, who are similarly in this position, may collaborate to only have their basic needs for sustaining life met, while others may find that it is not enough and they cease to exist.

The tools in the World that they exist in and believe to exist in others across the shared planet, Earth, may lose efficacy. It may take time to notice this. It may take time to fine-tune them. It may be as a result of other Worlds making greater sense to a greater number of similar homosapianics, who may rise rapidly to an echelon that has ones own World, efficacy and capacity of it requestioned. In those periods of requestioning ones own World, that very reevaluation may be so swift or confronting with the thing that they fear the most, the inefficacy of their tools & maybe, if they are fortunate enough, the illusion that they have been upholding for some time. It is often horrifyingly liberating.

This is not a place the homosapianics want to go, and especially be seen. It is a place of profound vulnerability for a social creature who fears experiencing or being perceived as weak in the eyes of other homosapianics. And so, they posture, obfuscate, divert, deny. It is innately wired. The pain of witnessing or being witnessed in a great moment of perceived fragility, mobilizes individuals to never be seen there, nor to ever experience it. If there is no other, the audience of one, the homosapianic inward sight, the lens of self, is the judge who no one wants to be summoned to be witnessed by.

When these homosapianics, who have, through birth, effort or circumstance, come to perceive themselves as different from others who are inherently similar, being of course living, breathing finite beings, yet, through the lens of a social hierarchy, developed over time, a consensus agreement that suggests their being higher level in that society, are found to have their Worlds and the perception of themselves in the eyes of these other homosapiens, using the same methods of defence mechanisms to be witnessed and to maintain their place in the hierarchy that they strive for and believe themselves to be, use every tool to uphold it.

Competition. Manipulation. Integrity, immorality. Defiance. Coercion. Murder. Insult. Attack. Negotiation. Justification. Lies. Begging. Accountability. Truth. Transparency. Obfuscation. Malfeasance. Confusion. Diversion. Scapegoating. Abandon. Hostility. Dictation. threat. Acceptance. Gratitude. Denial. Treaty. Charters. Constitutions. The spectrum of the Homosapien who fears witnessing is vast beyond this. This will invoke change, consideration, perpetuation, uprise, peace, unity, separation, segregation, gain or loss of trust, embrace of life or denial of it.

In summation, Homosapiens, you and I, those among us, before, during and after, capable of comprehending of this text & language are living mortal creatures of existence who have coalesced into a human with an opportunity for an expansive life, but we have limitations that have created barriers to embrace that expansive opportunity because of the unresolved, unrealized, unaddressed individual, social, complexities, tolerances & preferences of what is to be experienced in life. And so, humans created prescriptions, increasingly complex self-serving systems to address one problem, often creating another. Infringing upon another another. Destroying one another. Slowly. Sometimes fast. Sometimes accidentally. Worlds damaged. Earth carries burden. In its gift that allows life to operate within narrow parameters, our homosapianic arrogance erroneously came to the consensus that they are deserving of life. There is no deserve; there is only opportunity. We have the conspiratorial opportunity for it, within the parameters of mortality & Earth’s capacity to support it; that’s it.

For life to thrive, we must address and relinquish primitive limitations that deny the emergence of an expansive life opportunity that is a birthright to all, but circumstantially hindered to different degrees for every individual. The complexity is profound. Homosapianic complexity is profound. Homosapianic diversity is vast. Homosapianic fragility is undeniable. Homosapianic capacities are ineffable. Homosapianic

Homosapianic opportunity is reclaimable.

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