Upholding Our Online Persona: Being Seen

February 21, 2019

The avenues for social media to impact our lives are abundant. Growth can emerge, businesses can flourish, insights can be shared, breakthroughs are recounted, friendships are forged, eulogies and remembrances of historical moments, animals passing and people’s life moments are posted…etc. There is no shortage of possibilities. In all of these, what is our biological state of being as we do? Is our body, mind and soul present for the experience currently being had? What does that even mean?

With the interconnective power of the internet, we have found ourselves creating identities in order to coexist in the increasingly digital world. Likes and followers matter to many.The pansocietal tendency of creating, developing, and refining the ‘best’ online persona that we have, can be both energy demanding and varied depending on the medium for which it is being shared or experienced. Personally, there lies an intermittent sense of inauthenticity in my engagement, especially when sharing, that forces me to consider if I am posting to post, or doing so in order to be seen in some way. To be seen is not necessarily bad on it’s own, but when being seen is to a) minimize the pain of feeling unseen or b) posting to be validated in some sense of worth, that is where the challenge lies. This is largely unacknowledged by the majority who post. The sharing happens in relative unawareness. The motivators, reward and social acceptance of it provide little invitation or obligation for anyone to be reflecting on their experience with their own online experience, but especially in a time where we are now being asked to stay home, it is an opportune time to bring this into consideration for some, and reconsideration for others.

In short, here are some things to reflect on.

I want to invite you into considering your 'why' for why you must share, each time that you do.

I would like for you to become aware of the why for why you engage with, or go online in the first place.

I would also like for you to experience minimization of use, either for a short while or permanently, taking into account what their sense of self is when their online experience is removed. Greater acquaintance with this portion of themselves is vital for getting a better idea of the probable dependency they have with technology, in this case, social online platforms.

The opportunity exists to redefine how, when, how and why in so many facets of this, and it’s incredibly important to do so because it is currently contributing to greater internal angst, depression, anxiety, sense of isolation, burn out, insomnia, apathy, fatigue, temporality in sense of well being, and a dependency on the drug that it is.

Now is the time.

Create a buffer in utilization, and see it for the drug that it is. In doing so, the temporary difficulty will make space for you to be connected to you, embodied, less dependent, more clear. In anything that we put our time towards, taking actions and steps to create and engage with, having the awareness as a tool for yielding the greatest amount of authentic 'here and now’ness can ensue.

Let’s collaborate.
Here, but in life, too.
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