When It Get Quiet, It Gets Noisy

February 21, 2019

The World is beautifully speckled with both helpful and intrusive external noises. Some, we seek, others are there and our system finds it challenging to discern them as background noise. Either way, we are wired to prioritize external environment recognition ahead of any inner awareness.

But when it does goes silent, an internal dialogue has the opportunity of presenting itself. Do you let it? Is it invasive? ‘I can’t stop thinking’. Were you really thinking before? Or were you processing information that required cognition, and now, in this moment of diminished intrusions, do your thoughts have a true opportunity to be acknowledged? Do you give it attention? Maybe you divert. Hop on social media, flip on the tele, call a friend, go exercise, work,  audiobook, music. etc… maybe porn. Or maybe you sit with it. Meditate, journal. Recognize your pattern for thought diversion.

Their acknowledgement can lead to detangling, resolution and organization in thought, which can lead to an appreciable decrease in the mental load; a sounder mind. Imagine a person trying to get attention from you, and you ignore them, their requests, even their existence. Days, weeks, months, years. You do this to others, as well, since it’s simpler to focus on yourself and your ‘priorities’ than others. But there’s a catch. These people all have insights, and information that can help you. Finally, for what ever reason, one day, you become aware. Aware of these people that you haven’t been acknowledging. One of them sees that you are not now paying attention now, and they jump at the opportunity for acknowledgement. Their expression is possibly in a scatter since they are unaware for how long you’ll be available for them. And the others take notice, too. Overrun with people trying to express themselves to you, you retreat. You divert. Grab a drink? Smoke? Again, catch your pattern, especially since these people aren’t people,  they are you, your thoughts. Your thoughts are a part of you. Your intentional presence with them will decrease the overwhelming sense of invasiveness that their expression has come to bear upon your system.

So, when it goes silent, it’s a gift; an opportunity. Get curious, become aware, listen, minimize diversions. Patience. Integrate. All of you will reap the benefits. - Silence -

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